Sep 13

How to Approach a Girl in a Public Place

To approach a girl, who’s a stranger to you, at a public place, can be quite an intimating challenge but there are some rewards to be reaped if you can get good at this kind of an approach. For one, girls are not used to being approached in the public, they are mostly used to guys ogling at them from a distance. Continue reading →

Jul 13

Stop Being Needy

We all have needs but there is a difference between “being true to your needs” and “being needy”. The attitude of being needy stems from a lack-based mindset where you start functioning from the energy of desperation, and the vibe that you give off is one of powerlessness. Continue reading →

Jul 13

What is the Attraction Logic?

This is a portal/website for men only, and it includes boys who want to evolve into their potential of being a man. I am creating this website to share with you a logical understanding of the process of living your full potential as a male. Continue reading →